You may have heard Momofuku’s David Chang wax poetic about convenience store fried chicken in Japan and I’d have to wholeheartedly agree.  If you haven’t tried fried chicken at a convenience store in Japan, you’re seriously missing out.  In this post, I’ll not only list my favorites, but I’ll have some info about when to go, along with some tips on selecting a good branch.

If you’re traveling to Japan and planning to eat ramen, Hong Kong to eat dim sum, or Taiwan to eat some beef noodle, don’t start your research with an English-language publication or review website (like Yelp).  These article writers and travelers most likely had the regional food just a handful of times in their lifetime.  Instead, crowdsource millions of people that eat that type of food every day by simply using their country’s version of ‘Yelp’.

In early 2018, the food documentary Ramen Heads (ラーメンヘッズ) was released in Japan and the US. Being the over-prepared travel planner that I am, I decided to map out all of the locations from the documentary so I could potentially hit up a couple of these locations the next time I’m jonesing for some good ramen in the Tokyo Area.  Listed below are the names and addresses of the places shown in the movie, with a google map at the end so you can easily find your way to these places as well.

In America, jerky is a typically a dry piece of salted meat with a leather-like consistency. Unless you’re in desperate need for gas station procured sustenance that has the shelf life of a full year, give your teeth a rest and read the following to learn how to take your jerky game to the next level.