In America, jerky is a typically a dry piece of salted meat with a leather-like consistency. Unless you’re in desperate need for gas station procured sustenance that has the shelf life of a full year, give your teeth a rest and read the following to learn how to take your jerky game to the next level.

samurai gourmet

In March 2017, a food-centric show from Japan called Samurai Gourmet (Nobushi no Gurume 野武士のグルメ) appeared on Netflix in the US. It’s an easy-going show full of heart that I would recommend for anyone interested in Japanese food, but I was noticing as I was watching that they were filming at real places, not sets. So listed below are the names and addresses of the places eaten in Samurai Gourmet Season 1, with a google map at the end so you can easily find your way to these places as well.

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